Sample Daily Schedule at Sadochok

Daily Schedule


7:30 9:15 Children arrive and are greeted by teachers, free play, puzzles, books, communication
9:15 9:30 Getting ready for snacks, bathroom, washing hangs, morning stretch, prayers
9:30 9:45 Snacktime
9:45 10:30 Activity Time – group games, songs, fingerplays, poetry, stories, group instruction and discussion, assigned tasks
10:30 10:50 Handcrafts
10:50 11:50 Physical Activities – outdoor walk to the park, playing in the sand, climber, swings, etc.
11:50 12:00 Preparation for lunch – bathroom, washing hands
12:00 12:30 Prayer and lunch
12:30 1:00 Preparation for naptime – bathroom, washing hands, getting settled in cot
1:00 3:00 Story, soft music, naptime
3:00 3:10 Movement to music
3:10 3:30 Bathroom, washing hands, snacktime
3:30 4:30 Outside freeplay in the play area, going for a walk or climbing activity in the spare room/gym
4:30 6:00 Freeplay, getting ready to go home, meeting and discussions with parents

Sample Menu (Please note this is a sample menu only as our menu changes with seasons and holidays in mind)

Sample Menu


Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
Morning Snack Cereal with milk Sweet egg bread and milk Grilled cheese, milk Bun, butter and ham; milk Bread and kobassa, milk
Hot Lunch Vegetable soup; Ground beef, mozzarella and noodle in spaghetti sauce; Fresh vegetable salad; Apple sauce Chicken soup, Chicken legs with rice and peas, Vegetable salad, Ice cream Borscht soup, Varenyky with sour cream, Garden salad, Fresh fruit Bean soup, Hamburger patties with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables, Vegetable salad, Yogurt Pea Soup, Baked macaroni and Apples, Tomato & Onion Salad, Fresh Fruit
Afternoon snack Muffins, Apple juice Crackers, cheese and apple wedges; Apple juice Open-faced sandwich with egg, Apple juice Crackers, Cheese, Carrots and Apple Juice Open-faced ham sandwich, Apple juice